Silver Knuckle Duster
Price: $60 $50.00 CAD
Approx. £27
Number in stock: 9

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We ship these Brass Knuckles worldwide, to the UK, Australia, Ireland, and also within canada.

As part of our customer service, guarantees the delivery of these knuckle dusters. If your main concern is customs, don't worry - leave it up to us to take care of it for you, no matter where you're located!

All our customers worldwide will receive the items they ordered in a timely manner, no matter where you are, 100% guaranteed or your money back!

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The Super Silver brass knuckles are a hot sell and Silver brass knuckles are an awesome product. Very hot seller...item is moving fast! Get yours today. Silver Brass knuckles offer a highly concealable yet easily enables you to protect yourself in a time of need. 

These Super brass knuckles have been selling like hot cakes and customers are really loving the price and performance of your products.