Night-Ops Gladius Black
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Night-ops Gladius - Black Body

The Gladius is the most innovative handheld tactical illumination tool to ever arrive on the scene. The Gladius will revolutionize the way you think and operate in hostile reduced light situations. There has been nothing like it on the market before. Don't let it's somewhat familiar exterior lead you to some early false conclusions! This is not your ordinary flashlight...

The Gladius gives you maximum flexibility from very low levels of light (fully adjustable), to it's unique high-output Strobe function, a first in a small handheld/weapons mountable tactical flashlight. The Strobe is specifically designed to give you the reactionary gap you need to prevail against a wide variety of threats. The Strobe is extremely disorienting to those on the receiving end, yet allows the operator to maintain excellent situational awareness.

The more familiar momentary and Constant ON switching are quickly and easily accessed all with one-finger operation. The Gladius flashlight features a lock-out system that is useful for tactical operations. The Light can seamlessly and securely Locked-out to avoid needless battery and potentially compromising light discharges. The Gladius can be reactivated under duress literally with a snap of your finger.

This waterproof, illumination tool is designed primarily for handheld use, but robust enough for weapon mounted applications. It is powered by two 3-volt lithium batteries with a total runtime of 90 minutes (70 minutes of 90+ lumens of light).

The Gladius flashlight also features:

  • Superior Glass
  • Consummate Fit and Finish
  • Excellent Balance and Ergonomics
  • Waterproof to 50 meters
  • Fast Action Multi-function Capability (Momentary, Strobe, Constant ON, Dimming, & Lock-Out)
  • Intelligent Digital Thermal & Power Management Systems
  • Extended Runtime
  • Exceptional Beam Quality with a High Intensity Output
  • Shock Resistant for Combat Applications

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