16 Inch Telescopic Police Baton
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16 Inch Telescopic Police Baton|Aluminum Batons

These Police batons, Telescopic batons, Extendable and Expandable batons are a great self defense weapon!

High quality solid expandable telescopic police batons are used by police and security guards around the world. They expand to 16 inches with just a flick of the wrist. Each baton comes with a foam covered handle for easy gripping and a FREE heavy-duty nylon holster for easy carrying. If you are looking for effective self-defense with extra reach, the expandable steel baton could be your answer.

Good Quality 16 inch Telescopic baton for Police

These batons are approximately 4 inches when closed, and weights less than one pound. The foam grip is great for high impact absorbsion! The small collapsed size of the 16 inch telescopic baton is ideal for maximum concealment in your car glove compartment, pockets, or handbag.

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