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Welcome to Code09: the new image of tactical.

Code09 is a company based in Edmonton, Canada. Code09 strives to provide customers with quality tactical products and survival gear.

Code09 values its reputation with customers and dealers. There are currently many online stores that lack in good communication as well as customer service. However, there are also many stores that offer great prices, great customer service/communication, as well as fast shipping. Code09 strives to be one of the leaders in tactical supplies.

Code09 was started by Mr. Lam. Mr. Lam is educated at the University of Alberta in the School of Business. Mr. Lam also has been working in the security business for two years. Due to various experiences and incidents while on duty, Mr. Lam has come to the appreciation for the power of a personal tactical flashlight and other portable survival gear. Mr. Lam started Code09 due to personal interest and hopes in providing ordinary citizens and security experts with quality gear.